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FREE 3-Part Video Training Series: How To Immediately Boost Profits Using The Secret Power of Press Releases!

Learn the profit-squeezing success secrets that even most pr pros don't know and finally make the money you deserve - all from press releases!

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From: Barbara Colacino

Are you an author, speaker, coach, consultant or small business owner?

Do you want to get your message out to more people? Do you want to make more money –  without working harder?

I’m going to show you how just how surprisingly easy it is to make big money for your business using the amazing power of press releases.

You already know the world’s BIGGEST and smartest companies (think Apple, IBM, McDonalds & Disney) all leverage the power of press releases as part of the their core marketing strategy.  And trust me, they squeeze big profits from free PR!

Guess what?  You can do it too!  Only you don’t need the big PR pros to make it happen – you can easily do it yourself – and for much, much less!

But what I’ve found is that many DIY marketers just like you are getting it wrong when it comes to press releases.  But no worries  – it’s not your fault! You’re simply using the so-called “standard” press release format that can be found all over the web, and unfortunately, with sub-standard results.

OR, you could spend big bucks on a PR writing service, which can be pretty pricey. It usually costs somewhere between $500 -$700 just to write a single press release – not including distribution – and that’s money that many of you just don’t have – yet!

So that got me thinking — what if I just SHOW you what to do when it comes to press releases – and share some of my secret “PR Exploits” with you, which can help you craft a press releases that can make the MOST IMPACT –  inspire MORE SALES – with the LEAST amount of MONEY & EFFORT?

That’s exactly what we’re going to do!

Please join me for my BRAND NEW complimentary virtual training series:  Press Release Sins & Secrets  – How to Make Big Profits with Simple Press Releases Using Secret But Legal “Exploits”!

In this free preview series to my upcoming PR Exploit course, I’m going to dig deep and teach you EXACTLY what to do and say to craft your own profit-pulling press release. This is HOT content I have NEVER revealed before on a complimentary training call….let alone an entire series!

FIRST, you’re going to be invited to watch 3 FREE training videos:

  • The 1st video  “Are You Guilty? The 7 Deadly Sins of Press Releases – How to spot them and and what you can do to transform these sins into selling points to make your press release sing!” Once you learn these “no-no’s” – it will be that much EASIER to write the perfect press release each and EVERY time!  And be sure to download the 7 Deadly Sins Checklist to make sure your next press release is on the up & up!
  • The 2nd video will teach you “Secret Identity Exploit”  – How to identify just WHO your intended reader AND buyer is – so your press release is highly targeted to the readers most likely to take action & BUY!”  Tap into the “Alpha Mind” of your buyer, giving you the power to bring in more amazing results and profits!  How cool is that!
  • The 3rd video will teach you “The Alpha Omega Exploit”  – How to begin your press release with the end in mind!”  This is one of the most OVERLOOKED areas of any press release.  After you learn this secret PR Exploit on how to successfully END your press release, you can end up with significantly  more ways to profit! Who says you can’t use a “close” in a press release!

THEN, you’re going to be invited to a FREE LIVE TRAINING CALL where you are going to learn:

  • My signature PR Exploit strategy, “The Cinderella Exploit”  – How to magically transform your boring headline into powerful, profit-pulling “princess” – with my Fairy Godmother Formula” – and make your press release resonate  with revenue!”   If you’re following the “standard” press release format, chances are you’re not getting the response or profits you want – or deserve! I’m going to explain why that is and exactly what you can do to magically transform your headline.  You’re going to love this!
  • How to spark BIG interest and drive more traffic & profits! This is the balance most experts yearn to strike but just haven’t figured out how. I can’t wait to teach you how easy it really is to do this!
  • The simple assumption that most well-meaning entrepreneurs make when it comes to press releases that, unfortunately, ends up both making them look bad and gets them sub-standard results compared to what’s possible. Adjust this and experience what’s possible!
  • PLUS!  I’ll answer your biggest press release questions on the call – be sure to submit yours!
  • BONUS: The Press Release Triple Play Exploit!  Discover how to leverage your press release for even more publicity & profits! This secret strategy makes any press release at least 3x more powerful – and can bring more results without lifting a finger!
  • And much more!